Serenity Weighted Blanket - Queen Size

RRP: £100.00
Support your sleep, combat your daily stresses and find inner peace with the Serenity Queen Size Weighted Blanket. There’s no denying modern life is making us anxious and stressed - constant media, reliability on technology, increasing workloads & economic uncertainty mean more and more people are turning to weighted blankets for a natural and drug-free solution. Wrap yourself up in the eco-friendly bamboo lyocell cocoon and feel your stresses melt away – experience next-level calmness, relaxation, and even a better quality of sleep. Use of a weighted blanket is proven to help ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep disorders, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, autism and more in a natural and gentle way. Now available in a new larger size, perfect for a queen size bed or to share with a loved one. Add a Serenity Weighted Blanket to your self-care routine today – your future self will thank you!


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