TC-DIY Faux Vintage Decoupage Rose Vase

An English Lady 30 Apr 2016 0 Comments
over 60 minutes Brown moderate Up Cycled Feminine
Distressed Decoupaged Glass Vase using the Gorgeous Santoro Mirabelle Repeating Rose Decoupage Papers.
  • 1. Throughly clean high ball glass to remove dust & any oils from hands.

    2. Gently tear around roses & some small pieces from the background (these will be used to fill in any gaps). 
    3. Decoupage onto glass using your favourite decoupage medium & hog hair brush, making sure to have the roses go in various directions. 
    4. Remove excess decoupage paper from rim of glass with nail file, held at a 45 degree angle, to give a clean edge.
    5. Mix acrylic paints together until you match the darkest shading on the leaves, Apply to the glass rim & base of the glass with a sponge dabber. Once dried pick up a little gold acrylic paint on your dabber, wipe most of it off onto your craft mat & then dab over the top of the green paint.
    6. Mix acrylic paints together to coordinate with the roses & paint a few lines onto each of the roses, in the direction of the petals, with a fine brush, to give more of a hand painted look.
    7. Once dried apply your favourite crackle medium with Acrylic paint brush or fingers, Applying more thickly in some areas.
    8. Leave to partially dry, then apply brown archival ink over, in a circular motion, with your favourite application tool & remove any excess with a dry cloth.
    9. Once thoroughly dry apply several coats of your favourite waterproof varnish / decoupage / glazing medium, with nylon brush, to seal.
    10. Colourise a white paper flower with coordinating alcohol inks, dab a little gold acrylic over & then brush varnish / decoupage / glazing medium over to seal.
    11. Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon, tie around vase forming a bow & tuck wire of paper flower around to secure in place.

    Tip: For a less distressed look apply crackle medium evenly & leave to thoroughly dry before applying ink, to accentuate the crackles.

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