Stair cards inspired by Angela Gingers Girl

Sue Yorkshire 8 Nov 2017 3 Comments
over 60 minutes None moderate Card Making Christmas

I made a template for this to measure 6 x 6. 

The card was from Kanban 

 I marked in the measurements on the back of the card but the blue one was the first one and I marked at the wrong side 

it took more than 60 mins including making the template 

I did think you could put them together and make a double staircase 


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Very clever working this one out sue, will have to have a go at this one.


Gingers Girl

Great job Sue. I like the snowflake one..the paper is lovely, and the addition of the snowflakes make it 'pop'.



The stair looks good at either side. I like the blue card with snowflakes. X

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