Snowflake Die Cut Inlay Christmas Card

emiliegrant 24 Oct 2016 0 Comments
under 60 minutes Red moderate Card Making Christmas

Christmas card using inlaid die cut snowflakes and the Simply Creative Christmas Cheer paper pad.

  • 1.  Cut a 17x12cm rectangle from patterned paper. Stick to a 5x7” card blank.

    2.  Cut a 16x11cm rectangle from patterned paper and stick to the card.

    3.  Cut a 15.5x10.5cm rectangle from patterned paper and stick to the card.

    4.  Cut a 15.5x6.5cm rectangle from textured cardstock. Mark the centre point from the top and bottom and each side.

    5.  On the mark, place a snowflake die, and die cut.

    6.  Line up the snowflake die and die cut either side of the first die cut. Remember not to throw away any of the little ‘bits’ from the die.

    7.  Die cut three of the same snowflake from a different colour of textured cardstock.

    8.  From the strip with three snowflakes cut out of it, stick tape on the back across the apertures. Stick on the snowflakes cut from a different colour and then the ‘bits’ from the first colour of die cut snowflake.

    9.  Mount onto patterned paper and cut out leaving a small border and then stick to the card.

    10.  Finish with a chipboard sentiment.

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