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Chunka 11 Jul 2017 12 Comments
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I like to make projects that are useful as well as purely decorative and this one is definitely one of the former. I'm always after a pin or needle when I'm crafting, for making the glue bottle flow freely to adding a decorative touch to an embellishment cluster and with this little case to keep them safe I always know where to find one. Here's the how.

1. Cut a strip of black cardstock 21cm x 7cm. Score down from the long edge at 8cm, 8.5cm and 17.5cm.

2. Fold the card strip into a matchbook. Cut a piece of pink felt 6cm x 14cm. Fold the felt at 7.5cm and staple the folded edge to the inside short flap of the matchbook.

3. Cut a strip of stripey patterned paper long enough to wrap around the matchbook with a small overlap. Adhere the strip of paper around the short flap and wrapping the ends around to the back of the matchbook, sealing the sides and covering the staple. 

4. Mat the front back and inside flaps of the matchbook. 

5. Tie a length of ribbon in a bow around the matchbook vertically. Die cut a small parenthesis shape and adhere to the center of the matchbook cover, securing the ribbon in place. Top with a die cut glitter cardstock butterfly. Fill with your most useful needles and pins.

Products used:

DCPAP063 - 6" x 6" paper pack Perfectly Pink

FEPAD062 - with linen textured effect cardstock

DCDIE079 - Steel Cutting Dies

Classic Metallic Glitter Card DCGC100

RBMG05310 - Ribbon

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What a great idea!!! Who would have thought of using card? It looks lovely and is also very practical. X


Thanks Dido. I've one of these previously and they last really well. x


Super idea and very usable Chunka


Thanks iccrafter, I always have one of these close by when I'm crafting.

Friday Feeling

Pretty & practical - lovely work!


Thanks Friday Feeling


Very pretty and useful, great to slip in a handbag.


Thanks MayJay, yes I could survive the apocalypse with my handbag, there's not much that's not in it.


What a lovely idea beautiful


Thanks bizziebees.


Great idea and it looks great! Fab idea.


Thanks reggie22.

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