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Chunka 20 Apr 2017 6 Comments
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On my daily travels I’m always on the lookout for possible crafty projects and while shopping for a birthday card in The Card Factory shop I spotted this bargain alterable clock for £1, so of course I picked up two. Although the clock was pretty enough I preferred a dash of Painted Blooms, so I set to work and here’s the how.

1. Firstly I removed the clock movement, easy enough by removing the nut and clock hands from the front to allow the hidden battery operated movement to be removed at the back. Most bargain clocks will have this kind of movement.

2. As my clock already had a paper coating I brushed on some warm water and used a wire scrubber to remove the coating and give the surface a key. Ignore this if you’re using a blank item.

3. I coated the clock front with wet glue and smoothed on the Painted Blooms harlequin patterned paper leaving a small overlapping border all around.

4. Now for the professional finish. Top Tip: With the clock face up use an emery board to file the overlapping paper away using a downward motion. Do not drag the emery board back and forth, use a downward motion only. This creates that perfect precision edge.

5. Cut a paper strip to fit the clock sides, you may need to create joins as I did depending on your clock size. Make sure any joins are at a fold point, with this one that's the shoulders of the clock.

6. Once dry I coated the sides with Deco mache varnish, I left the front as the paper already has a lovely sheen and this makes it a little more resistant to staining and damage.

7. Measure equal distances from the clock face center point and apply pearls at the quarter marks. Replace the clock mechanism and display in a timely fashion. 

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Nice block clock, great design. :)


Thanks iccrafter


It looks beautiful. I do like the harlequin paper for the clock face.


Thanks Dido, yes the harlequin gives it a modern look and adds a bit of a colour punch.


Clever and very pretty.x


Thanks MayJay x

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