No Sew Ric Rac Bunting

Claire85 30 Sep 2013 0 Comments
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I love bunting, i would have it all over the house if i thought i could get away with it! This project was shouting out at me for the 3 ways with Ric Rac 

feature. I wanted to make it no sew for all the people who dont have a sewing machine to hand, it's easy to make and for the 4 flags it took no longer than 30 minutes. 

  • First make your bunting shape template on card , draw a line 10cms across the top, find the middle point of the line and draw a 10cm vertical line from that point. Join up the lines to make a triangle.
  • Iron your fabric and lightly draw round your template in pencil of dressmakers chalk. cut these out with pinking scissors to stop the edges fraying. 
  • Lay your flags in a line and use a thin line of fabric glue across the top of the fabric, take your first Ric Rac ribbon and glue it to the top of the flags
  • Repeat with the second strip of Ric Rac, position it slighty lower, so the top one can still be seen. Use something heavy on top of the Ric Rac while it dries
  • Use crafters glue to stick down the paper flowers on top of the Ric Rac between the flags

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