My VERY first card EVER... February challange 2017. Navy and red.

Andreah 17 Feb 2017 2 Comments
under 60 minutes Blue easy DIY All-Occasions

Hi all as I've promised,  I will enter this month's February red and navy challange. If I hadn't promised  wouldn't of posted it lol. But hey ho a promise is a promise ????

I would really like your comments good reason bad it's all helpfully.  Hubby thinks that the balloons are to big. My son didn't like the white 'string' on the balloons so I coloured them in blue. (They're still wet so don't look good either lol.) 

So please be honest and I'd like you to give me a number between 0 - 10. With 0 being the lowest. I'm not really sure I've done this correctly if not forgive me please. Xx 

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Sorry lovely ladies but I can't get it the correct way round on here lol. I appreciate all your kind feedback on the old site. Would of been nice if trimcraft carried all the comments forward too. Oh hum lol.



Fabulous card...Think I would have use fine string for the balloons..apart from that...lovely bright birthday card...Marilyn.x

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