Lighthouse Father's Day Card

emiliegrant 21 Apr 2017 1 Comments
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  1. Cut the thick part of a blank photo frame down so that all side are equal.
  2. Cut 2 squares of acetate and 1 of patterned paper the same size as the outside of the photo frame.
  3. Stick thin tape around the edge of one square of acetate, stick the other to it and before you seal it, fill with sequins.
  4. Stick more thin tape around the outside of the pocket and stick to the frame. Stick the square of coloured paper to the back of the pocket.
  5. Die cut a lighthouse from patterned paper and add detail with 3D Pearl Effects. Stick to the frame.
  6. Cut a 13cm square of coloured cardstock and stick to a 13.5cm card blank.
  7. Cut 2 rectangles from patterned paper, one 7x13cm and the other 7x2cm. Stick one on each side of the coloured cardstock.
  8. Stick your shaker pocket on top of the card, in the centre.
  9. Die cut three portholes, stick along the bottom of the card and add ‘dad’ on top of them.
  10. Using the inside of the portholes, stick down the left side of the card and add a small button in the centre of each with a little twine threaded through.

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Super card! x

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