Kiss & Makeup Flap Mini Book

Chunka 12 May 2017 5 Comments
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I can't resist mini books and when they're this simple to make there's no reason to. Just a single sheet of cardstock for the base and a little folding and you have a deceptively spacious mini. I've included a cut diagram in the images to make it really easy to follow. I teamed this design with the fun Kiss & Makeup papers for the perfect gift for a makeup fan. Here's the how...

1. Take a sheet of black 12" x 12" cardstock and using the cut diagram as a guide score at 9cm,10cm,19cm, 20cm and at 28.5cm trim away the extra. Rotate the page a quarter turn and score  at 10cm and 23cm.

2. Trim away the 1cm sections to the first intersecting score line, as shown on the cutting diagram in black.  At the score lines fold the side panels into the larger center panel and fold up from the bottom to form the album. 

3. Unfold the album and cut mats for all the large panels, inside and out, allowing for a narrow border. Ink the edges of the mats and adhere to the panels. 

4. Apply a thin line of glue to the sides of the middle right panel and fold into the center panel to form a pocket.

5. Trim the bottom left panel diagonally. Apply glue to the sides and fold into the center panel to form a pocket. 

6. Cut mats for all the blank panels and pockets, allowing for a narrow border. Ink the edges of the mats and adhere to the panels. 

7. Fold all the smaller panels into the center, cut a piece of black cardstock 6cm x 9cm. Score at 1cm from the two short edges and 1cm from one of the long edges. Fold at the score lines to create tabs and taper the ends. Apply glue to the tabs and adhere the pocket to the back of the left middle flap, with the bottom of the pocket aligned with the score line, so the pocket is visible when the flap is folded into the center. Mat the pocket. 

8 Cut three black cardstock scalloped circles approximately 7.5cm diameter. Cut one circle in half and apply glue to the straight edge and adhere to the inside bottom edge of the top panel on the left. Cut a tag, mat it and tuck behind the scalloped edge when dry.

9. In the same way add another half circle to the back bottom edge of the last center flap. Cut a tag, mat it and tuck behind the scalloped edge when dry. Add another half circle as decoration to the back of the bottom right flap. 

10. Cut tags for the remaining pockets. Add a 3cm paper strip to the album front panel. Top with a slightly trimmed scalloped circle and co-ordinating chipboard stickers to form your title. 


Products used

Kiss & Makeup 6" x 6" DCPAP057 and 8" x 8" DCPAP056

Kiss & Makeup Dimensional Stickers DCSTK038

First Edition Premium Textured Cardstock 12x12 FEPAD062


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Love this one Chunka, Like The Toper with glasses .


Thanks iccrafter, I admit I'm getting a bit addicted to these little flap pocket books.


Yes I love to make these mini Album to going to make one tomorrow


Fantastic mini album x


Thanks Chrissy

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