Handmade Glittered Card

Claire85 27 Feb 2014 0 Comments
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Here is a card i made for the 3 Ways with Glitter feature, I love the sparkle and texture of this card, plus it's really easy to make!

  • Take a 5x7'' Kraft Card and using a clear drying glue create random dots all over the card, dont be shy with the glue the more depth in the glue the more depth on your final card.
  • Starting at the bottom of your card using the sliver glitter over 1/3 of the card in glitter, shake of the glitter and save it back in the pot, repeat the process for the purple and blue glitter.Leave to dry.
  • Cut a corner piece out of a doily and glue in the bottom right hand corner, fold a piece of lace ribbon and stick down on top of your doily, finish by stamping your sentiment, cut it out and place on top of the ribbon and the doily.

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