Glittered Tea Lights

Claire85 27 Feb 2014 0 Comments
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Here is another project i made for the 3 ways with Glitter feature. I am really in love with this project and can't wait to play with more designs! They arealot of fun to make and are great for parties etc. See how i made them below.

  • Take a clean glass jar and create a design using Perma-fix double sided tape, if you want different colours don't pull the covers off yet, 
  • Put your jar in your tidy tray to stop the mess, uncover the area you want to cover and pour over the glitter, shake off the excess, repeat this process if you are adding more than one colour.
  • To make the wire holder, cut a piece of wire big enough to wrap around your jar neck, using another piece of wire for the handle, wrap the ends around the first piece of wire at opposite sides, secure to your jar neck by twisting the wire together and then bending it back on itself.

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