Floral Mixed Media Card

emiliegrant 21 Apr 2017 2 Comments
under 60 minutes Purple moderate None None
  1. Cut four 4cm squares from white cardstock.
  2. On each square, stamp a flower in black waterproof ink.
  3. Choose 4 spray inks and spray each square of cardstock with a different colour. Use the other inks to spatter the remaining squares.
  4. Cut four 4.5cm squares and four 5cm squares from coloured textured cardstock. Layer up and once the stamped squares are dry, stick them on top.
  5. Arrange the squares on an 11cm square of white cardstock and stick down.
  6. Mount this onto a 12cm square of patterned paper, 13cm square of coloured cardstock, 14cm square of more patterned paper and then a 6x6” card blank.

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Mary E

I just love this card it's beautiful


If one word could describe this card, for me, it would be "brilliant". It has such colour and vibrancy!

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