Fiesta Fun Photo Strip Box

Chunka 17 Jul 2017 4 Comments
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Have you seen those little square kraft boxes? I seem to see them everywhere and it was just a matter of time before I succumbed and covered one in paper. This little number is destined to be filled with small square photos from a family BBQ when the kids knocked seven bails out of a pinata. So, of course the Fiesta Fun papers were the ideal choice. Here's the how.

1. Take a plain small square box and cover the lid inside and out in pinata patterned paper and the base in red and yellow patterned paper. 

2. From a 12" x 12" sheet of bright coloured cardstock cut a strip 0.25cm narrower than your box. Score the strip down from the long edge at 0.25cm less than your box width. 

3. Fold the strip in an accordian fold and mat the top section with a piece of patterned paper, leaving a narrow border. Cut two 'Fiesta' words from the patterned paper and back with cardstock to strengthen. Add one 'Fiesta' word using foam tape to the matted section.

4. Cut a 8cm piece of yellow ribbon and fold in half. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the back bottom front edge of the title section. Cut a patterned paper mat and back with cardstock, adhere using foam tape to the back of the title section, covering the ribbon ends. 

5. Adhere your photos or quotes to the strip, leaving the last section blank. With the photo strip folded, apply glue to the back section and adhere to the inside base of the box.   

6. Add the second 'Fiesta' word to the bottom left of the box lid using foam tape. Cut four cacti from the patterned paper and back with cardstock. Adhere the cacti to the top of the 'Fiesta' using foam tape for two of them to add dimension.

Products used:

Simply Creative Fiesta Fun - 6x6 Paper Pad

Baby Steps - DCRBN025 - Ribbon Pack


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Sweet little photo strip box Chunka



Thanks iccrafter



This is so sweet.x



Thanks MayJay, it is a cute project and lovely and bright.

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