Double Diamond Fold Card - Belle & Boo II

Crafty Blonde 2 May 2016 0 Comments
over 60 minutes Pink hard Card Making Feminine

Double Diamond fold card made using the sweet Belle & Boo II collection

  • Trim a piece of card to 29.5cm x 18cm

    Score down at 7cm, 10.5cm, 19cm & 22.5cm

    Make marks on the top & bottom at 3.5cm in from each edge

    Score lines diagonally from these marks to the inner score lines

    (they should cross over on the outer score lines)

    Make marks on the LH & RH edges at 9cm 

    Cut off the triangular sections between the 3.5cm & 9cm marks

    Fold the card into shape

    Trim a piece of paper to 8cm x 17.5cm - add to the centre panel

    Trim 3 pieces of paper to 6.5cm x 17.5cm

    Find the centre on each side and trim into a diamond shape

    Add 2 of the pieces onto the side panels

    Trim the 3rd piece in half and add either side of the central panel

    Use the cut off triangles to fill in the remaning panels

    Make up decoupage image, mat onto card and then onto a doiley and add to central panel

    Pop a senitment underneath the image and then decorate & embellish as required 

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