Deco Mache Jewellery Stand

Claire85 3 Oct 2013 0 Comments
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I have created this pretty stand as a place to store my favourite necklaces. I used an old A4 sized picture frame, updated with some Deco Maché

and some mini wooden pegs to create a unique jewellery stand.

  • Make sure the frame is clean and dry, remove the glass, take the polka dot Deco Maché and cut into 2cm strips long enough to cover the frame, work your way around the frame until completely covered.
  • Cover the back board of the frame in the Pink Rose Deco Maché and leave to dry, cut two strips of lace ribbon the full lenght of the frame, glue down the edges of the back board leaving enough room to put the frame back on.
  • Take 5 mini pegs and using a hot glue gun secure to the top of the frame at an equal distance apart.
  • There you have an easy jewellery stand to display your favourite necklaces.

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