Carnaby Street Scrapbook Layout

emiliegrant 2 Jan 2017 0 Comments
under 60 minutes Black moderate Scrapbooking All-Occasions

Using the First Edition 'Black Out' paper pads. 

  • 1.  Spread gesso over the centre of a 12x12 sheet of paper using an old credit card.

    2.  Cut strips from the striped sheet of the 8x8” paper pad and arrange some vertically and some horizontally on the page.

    3.  Print your photo and add layers of patterned paper behind it, adding some of the strips you cut before between the layers. Using a red ink pad, ink along the edges of all the layers so they stand out.

    4.  Stick all the layers down and stick some contrasting embellishments peeking out between layers.

    5.  Add a strip of patterned paper at the bottom and add the title.

    6.  Tear a strip from the top and bottom and stick patterned paper behind the area you ripped.

    7.  Finally, cover your photo and splatter ink over parts of the layout.

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