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Chunka 5 Sep 2017 8 Comments
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I love to have as much of my stash visible as possible and as most of my stamps languished in a drawer this project was perfect for me. I bought a very cheap Father's Day wooden storage caddy in Poundland, which surprisingly was 50p. Once covered in embossed paper from the Black Out pad it makes a handy storage caddy for my stamps. Here's the how.

1. Paint the caddy edges with black paint and about 3cm down from the top edge on all surfaces. 

2. Cut two strips of embossed paper the same depth as the box sides and 3cms longer than the width. Using embossed paper gives it a little more resilience, but you could always coat with Deco Mache adhesive varnish for added protection. Cut two strips the same depth and width of the box. 

3. Ink the edges of all the strips with black ink. Adhere the longer strips first to opposite sides of the box, wrapping the edges around the corners. 

4. Adhere the shorter strips to the remaining sides.

5. Cover the inside of the box sections and fill with your stamp supplies.

Products used

FEPAD140 - 12 x 12 Paper Pad Black Out

DCIP01 - Pigment ink pads

DecoArt Black Paint


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Great stamp box! xx


Thanks Smidgett, I wish I'd bought a couple.

Sue Yorkshire

I love this it's a great idea Xxx


Thanks Sue


Fab decorated storage box for your favourite stamps, Chunka


Thanks iccrafter, it holds loads.

Gingers girl

I really need to do something like this to store my stamps..they are too squashed up In a small when you can see what you have, you remember to use them! A lovely useful project.


Thanks Gingers Girl, that was my thinking exactly.

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