Advent Calendar Clock

emiliegrant 24 Oct 2016 0 Comments
over 60 minutes Red hard Home Christmas

An advent calendar clock made from a pizza base and decorated with Simply Creative papers and stickers.

  • 1.  Take a 14” cardboard pizza base (or cut up a box into a large circle) and stick a sheet of 12x12” patterned paper in the centre. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t reach the edges as this will be covered up later. Mark the centre with a small pencil dot and poke through a small hole.

    2.  Make 24 ‘rings’ by placing 2 nesting dies one inside the other, and die cutting from cardboard. Alternatively you can draw around circular objects for your circles and cut out. Make the rings different sizes.

    3.  Paint the rings with acrylic paint and leave to dry.

    4.  Die cut 24 circles to match the size of the rings. Stick the rings to the circles.

    5.  Arrange the circles around the pizza base. You can overlap them. When you are happy, stick them down. For the circles that overlap, you can use 3D foam tape.

    6.  Stick a number into the centre of each circle.

    7.  Die cut a small circle from cardboard and poke a small hole through the centre, and stick a brad through this and the hole in the centre of the pizza base.

    8.  On top of the cardboard circle, layer up two small bits of cardboard.

    9.  Cut a thin triangle from the cardboard and cover it in patterned paper. Stick to the cardboard circle.

    10.  Fussy cut Christmassy icons from patterned paper and stick onto the clock anywhere you want.

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