First Edition Planners

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Trimcraft are excited to announce an exclusive collaboration with Hobbycraft, August will see the launch of a new range of planners under the brand, ‘First Edition Plans’. We have always been very eager “to help people express their creative personality” and this phase of stylish planners will help crafters do exactly that! Not only will these planners help you stay organised but will encourage people to be imaginative with their lists, plans and so much more.

This collection includes a variety of themes including Every day, Wedding, Pregnancy, Health and Travel. A lot of research has gone into the design of the planners, not only considering the usability but the look and feel of each one. Whether you’re planning for the biggest day of your life, getting prepared for a bundle of joy or wanting to organise your day to day activities, these on-trend planners will be a joy to use and will make a wonderful keepsake to hold on to.

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