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Cupkate - 28/07/2020 13:41:47
Need ideas for keepsake made from antique drafting tools

Hello! I want to take a grandfathers old antique metal drafting/drawing tools (circle drawing compass, little metal pencil holders, drafting scales, etc) and do SOMETHING with them. They are of great emotional and family significance and are treasured keepsakes.... but they just sit in a box. I want to do something with them but apart from melting them down to make a ring (which i dont want to do becaause i want to keep them in their form, not melt them down) the only other ideas i can come up with are a shadow box (boring) or tie a ribbon to them and throw them in the christmas tree decoration box. I really want to use them to do something creative and unique where they can be out on display but also be useful and not just a dust collecting trinket. Maybe solder them together to make a pen cup or something? I dont know, i need ideas. They dont have to remain functional (ex. can solder them together) but i want them to remain recognizable (ex. NOT melting them down). Any ideas? I appreciate it!