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MariArty - 13/10/2019 07:58:52
Hi I am new to craft fairs and would like to try one

Does anyone have advice on going to craft fairs to sell your products and are there better craft fairs to attend

I live in Suffolk 

Any advice welcome 🙏 

many Thanks Mari

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Gingersgirl - 15/10/2019 21:09:51

Hi Mari

I have only ever done 1 craft fair.  That was because I had made lots of things just for fun and needed to get rid of them for the space. 

I think not to overprice your makes.  I priced my things just to cover materials used and a tiny bit more added.  I don't run a business so was just happy to let my prices stay low.  Another thing is nice packaging.  I put my things in cello bags.  For things other than cards I added a fancy packaging top to cover the opening of the bag.  

How you display is another way to grab the interest of the buyers.  I used those small small vanity case type boxes in different sizes and had different levels.

I cleared about £80, so was well pleased.  

If you have a website or FB page it is worth having some business cards made (I didn't), as lots of people asked me for a card.

There is lots of info on the internet, but I think the main thing is to enjoy it.  I was so nervous thinking that none would like my makes, but once you are there and get caught up in it all, you will get a real buzz.

The craft fair that I went to was at a local community hall.  I would not have wanted a big affair...some of the bigger fairs need you to have insurance.

Good luck and don't be too disheartened if you don't sell much..there were stall holders at the one I attended, who sold very little.  I suppose it all depends on how different your stuff is, the price and if its nicely made.