What is Trimcraft's Angel Policy?

At Trimcraft we’re all about inspiring creativity – and we’re ecstatic that individuals wish to create personal craftwork projects using our products and designs! However, in order to protect the copyright and trademarks of our company and the rights of the artists and brands we work with, we have some rules in place that govern how, where, and for what purpose your projects can be sold.

Protecting our copyright

At Trimcraft we use both own branded designs created by our dedicated in-house team of designers, as well as licensed material and Artworks from Third Parties. All of these materials which we supply are protected by Copyright. Copyrighted products, designs and images are subject to protection by international copyright laws. This means that they cannot be copied, duplicated, altered or reproduced by any means including, without limitation, photocopying, computer scanning, printing, using overhead or opaque projectors, or posted on the Internet.

In order to protect these rights granted by the law, each hand crafted item that is created for the purpose of sale, must be made by hand, personalised and be unique in nature by the seller and may not be reproduced, copied electronically / digitally or mechanically, or be mass produced using employed labour or workers for hire or by any other means including graphic, digital, electronic, mechanical or photocopying. The seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally created by the seller and not a product of Trimcraft or our third party copyright holders.

Our copyrighted designs and design elements also may not be used for the purpose of creating logos, clip art and digital artwork for sale, blog and trade banners, marketing material and advertising.

Under no circumstances may any item, design or product, produced by Trimcraft, be used in a manner which may be considered harmful to the company or brand, or bring the licence and any third party into disrepute. Projects are to be sold as outlined in this Angel Policy.

Limitations on sales

While we are very happy for creators to sell their handmade projects, we do restrict the maximum number of craftwork projects per collection to a total of 500 projects per year, for the purpose of sale for profit i.e 500 projects made using the Dovecraft Secret Garden collection.

For some of our third-party licensing, the following restrictions apply:

SANTORO and BELLE & BOO - any handmade or digitally created projects may NOT be sold at any permanent retail locations, NOR may they be sold via any online retail destinations for instance on Ebay, Etsy or such like. SANTORO and BELLE & BOO products may be sold (as per the capped allowance specified in this Angel Policy) via Craft Fairs or for charitable purposes (provided they are not sold via the above retail channels).

V&A licensed products - any handmade or digitally created projects may NOT be sold at any permanent retail locations including craft fairs, NOR may they be sold via any online retail destinations for instance on Ebay, Etsy or such like. V&A products may be sold (as per the capped allowance specified in this Angel Policy) for charitable purposes as long as 100% of the profit is given to charitable organisations.

Charitable giving and fundraising

We do realise that a number of individuals create personalised craftwork projects for the purpose of charity and charitable giving. Trimcraft does not place any restriction on the number of projects made for this purpose, provided that: there is no claim that the cards were created or endorsed by Trimcraft or the Third Party Rights holder in any way; nor that there is any breach in copyright.

Die cuts

We are happy for the physical die cuts or prints from all our Dovecraft & First Edition dies and stamps to be sold, however credit for the copyright of the design must clearly be made to the brand on your packaging or online listing - i.e Die cut shape from the First Edition Kitchen Die Set

Goody bags, Subscription boxes, and Craft kits

Subject to the rules above, we are happy for traders to include our products in their goody bags, subscription boxes or craft kits. If you choose to split a product for use in this way (for example, splitting up a paper pad or embellishment pack) you must make it clear who the copyright belongs to on your online listing and/or packaging. This includes all brands and licensed artists involved in the production of the product, which will be clear on our promotional material and packaging. We do not allow the sale of our products under a different name – for example, removing one of our products from the original packaging and relabelling with other branding, without making it clear who the original copyright belongs to.

Digital files

Digital files of any kind containing Trimcraft’s images may not be sold under any condition. This includes First Edition Digital Dies files, which cannot be sold in digital format, whether alone or part of a wider design. Any products containing digital files, including USBs and CD-ROMs, may not be copied and resold. We are happy for the physical die-cuts from our digital files to be sold as long as copyright credit is given i.e Die cut shape from the First Edition Digital Die Fantasy Set


Logos belonging to brand owners (under license to Trimcraft) or any copyright or trademark belonging to them may not be used or applied to any item. Please contact us for any use of Trimcraft, First Edition, Dovecraft, Simply Creative, Dot & Dab, Spiin, Nova and Paper Addicts logos.

These guidelines may be amended from time to time, and upon launch of new products or ranges, in order to protect our or any third parties rights and copyright. Please always check with us if you are unsure of your rights.

We’re always happy to answer any questions or queries you don’t feel are answered above - please contact our friendly team on [email protected]


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Can I join your Design Team?

Around August/ September time each year, we do a Design Team Call on the blog. Anyone crafter can apply for this role so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this time of year.

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