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Beautiful card. Jenny x (diggityjen)



Hi Leigh - Great to see so many ex-DC people coming over. Thx for your comment on my latest card. As always, I appreciate it. Hugs Debs x



Finally managed to register on this site after many problems, can't work out how to put a profile picture on, yet to upload, not made any cards for a while. It's good to see quite a few from Docrafts have come on here. x



Hi Leigh..well..I found you...but not sure how any of this works..but have seen a few faces on here...will keep trying..Gorgeous card...Marilyn.x



Hi Leigh...lovely to have a place with all the old familiar faces.....having a problem uploading photos, they keep rotating , any ideas? I know you are good with this kinda stuff x



Hi leigh please could you tell me when its yr birthday? I cant get onto docrafts for my pms. I got yr address but not yr birthday. Im panicking as i cant get my info i needed and i was chatting to a new buddy and its a special birthday coming up(60) and i cant remember who it was. I been trying for weeks and weeks to get on docrafts to get my info from messages but still cant get on there. I have no idea how to pm on here at the moment xxx



Hi Leigh Gorgeous work uploaded since I was last able to spend time browsing site Hope all's well with you Crafty Hugs Florence x

My name is Leigh, I love Crafting, Reading, Sudoku and our family allotment. I retired in 2011 and am lucky enough to have a craftroom, which I seem to spend my life re-organising.


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