Easy Mini Album with First Edition Making Memories - Tutorial by MsPaperlover

Today's tutorial comes courtesy of Grace, AKA MsPaperlover! She's created this gorgeous mini album using the First Edition Making Memories Paper Pad and embellishments from the Dovecraft Essentials range.

Read on to find out how to make your own!

Use just three card blanks and two matching envelopes to create this 12 page mini album, complete with two pockets! This mini album can be used for scrapbooking or any type of memory keeping for a special event, holiday or period of time - it would also make a great ‘flipbook’ for sending in your happy mail.


You will need:

- Dovecraft Essentials 6x6 Card Blanks Pack (will need three card blanks and two envelopes)

- First Edition Making Memories 12x12 Paper Pad

- Dovecraft Essentials Iridescent Letter Tiles

- Dovecraft Essentials Iridescent Photo Frames

- Dovecraft Essentials Rainbow Ribbon

How to make:

1. Start by adhering your three card blanks together – adhere the back of the first to the front of the second, then the front of the third to the back of the second.

2. Take your envelopes, and bend the opening flaps back on themselves. Add a small amount of liquid adhesive to the insides of the envelopes (the side without any folds) and slip the envelopes over the card blanks where two parts are adhered together. As you do this, push the card blanks to the bottom edge of the opening, this will help to line things up later on.


3. Cut eight patterned papers at 6 ¼ x 6 ¼, four at 6 x 6, and two at 6 x 5 ¾ (make sure the smallest ones are double sided). 


4. Take the eight largest pieces and adhere them to each ‘page’. It is best to put your adhesive on the album first and place the patterned paper onto that, rather than the other way around. This makes it easier to line all the sides up, especially on the card blank pages that are smaller than the patterned papers. When you come to the pages where you can see the three ‘flaps’ or folds of the envelope, cut a ‘notch’ with a circle punch on the centre of the left side of the patterned paper, and only add adhesive to the three sides of the envelope when you go to adhere it – this will create a pocket.

5. As you adhere the largest pieces down, do not glue down over the triangles – we need those to create extra pages!

6. Take your 6x6 papers and adhere them back to back on to the triangles/envelope flaps. Leave a few millimetres of white space at the base of those triangles to make sure the pages turn smoothly.

7. Take your two smallest papers, and slip them into the pockets. Take a small piece of Dovecraft ribbon and make a loop, then use a stapler or a strong adhesive to attach the ribbon to the centre of the left side of the paper; this will make it easier to pull out of the pocket.


Now your album is finished and ready to decorate and add all your pictures to!


Of course you can add as many pages as you like, just repeat the first two steps and keep adding!


If you want to use other size card blanks and envelopes simply measure the envelope to get the size of the largest patterned papers, use the card size for the middle size papers, and knock a quarter of an inch off that size for the smallest papers (just make sure you’re using matching card blanks and envelopes!)


Thanks very much to Grace for creating this tutorial for us - we think her album is beautiful! If you want to see more of Grace's incredible crafts, check her out on Instagram @ms.paperlover!

Will you be making this project? If you do, be sure to tag us and Grace if you post on social media - and why not upload to our Inspiration Area too!

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Amazing and such an easy album to make too, that even the kids can join in on this project, which I love.