Upcycled Craft Storage Inspiration & Tutorials

Next time you finish a jar or a tin, don’t throw it away! These items are so handy to upcycle into the prettiest craft storage, read on to find out what items you’ll need to decorate your craft compartments.

Foil Jar

You buy one washi tape and before you know it, you’ll have 20! Upcycle a jar to hold all of your favourite, washi designs.

You will Need

Dovecraft Perma Fix Tape 3mm &12mm, Silver Glitter Card

First Edition Gold, Pink and Silver foil, Foil 

How to Make

1. Ensure your jar is both clean and dry.

2. To create a stripy design, wrap approximately 8 lengths of Dovecraft Perma Fix tape around your jar, vary the design by using the 3mm and the 12mm tape. Each length of tape will dictate where you would like your foil to be.

3.Peel one piece of red tape backing off and apply your chosen colour First Edition foil on top, ensuring the colour side is facing up. You can either wrap a sheet of foil around your jar to create a smooth, foil line or tear strips and apply them to create a collage effect. 

TIP: Work on one strip at a time to make sure you don’t mix the colours unintentionally! 

4. When applying your foil, carefully press the foil onto the tape and smooth it down with your hand to decrease the chances of getting creases. Remove the foil and repeat the process in any areas that didn’t cover.

5. Alternate your stripes with different coloured First Edition foil until your jar is covered.

Twine Tin

Twine is a really handy tool when you’re crafting! Keep them safe by following our easy tutorial to create a colourful and textured upcycled tin.

You will Need

Dovecraft Twine

How to Make

1.Adhere a piece of Dovecraft Perma Fix  tape down one side of your tin.

2.Take a piece of  twine, ensuring to stick one end to the tape. Wrap your twine around the tin, making sure to push the twine up toward the top of the tin as you go round.

3. When you’re finished with a piece of twine, remember to adhere the finishing piece to the tape, to secure it to the tin. 

3. Alternate your coloured twine and wrap it in sections to achieve a stripy effect, continue this until your tin is entirely covered.

Paint Brushes Tin 

Decorate a tin with the beautiful Pretty Posy papers and DecoArt paint to hold your paint brushes! This upcycled tin will look so lovely sitting on a craft desk. 

You will Need

DecoArt Chalky Paint- Innocence 

First Edition 12 x 12 Pretty Posy Paper Pad, Birthday Party Die Set 

Dovecraft Twine, Wooden Alphabet Stamps

How to Make

1.Begin by making sure your tin is clean and dry. Paint your tin with a layer of DecoArt Chalky Paint- Innocence. Allow it dry and paint on another layer to achieve a bright tone, leave to dry.

2.Measure the width of your tin and then choose a design from the First Edition Pretty Posy Paper pad. Following your measurements, cut a large strip to wrap around your tin. Adhere it using the Dovecraft Perma Fix tape as this will ensure it is securely stuck on.

3.Pick a coordinating sheet of Pretty Posy paper, follow the same length measurement but ensure that is shorter in width so that the first layer will act as a border.  Layer it on top of your first Pretty Posy strip.

4.Wrap a length of Dovecraft twine around the top of your layered strips and create a bow at the front

5.Die cut several bunting triangles from the First Edition Birthday Party die set and adhere each one along the bottom of your twine with 3D foam pads.

6.With black ink, print the words ‘PAINT BRUSHES’ along the top of your Pretty Posy paper strips.

Dovecraft Pearl Effects Jar

Jazz up your glass jar with the Dovecraft Pearl Effects glue with this effective, dripping technique!

What you Need

Dovecraft Pearl Effects Glue

How to Make

1.Start by making sure your glass is both clean and dry.

2.Pick a selection of colours from the Dovecraft Pearl Effects range that you would like to use on your design.

3.Starting with one colour, starting from the middle of your jar create vertical lines to the top of the glass. 

4.Use different colours to vary your design, work around the glass until you have covered the whole of your jar, leave to dry the, add a few more stripes over existing lines for depth. 

5.Create different lengths of Dovecraft Pearl Effects to add an interesting pearlescent pattern on your glass.

We love how easy it is to upcycle any tin or jar with a few Trimcraft goodies! We have given you a few ideas but you can upcycle your storage containers anyway you like, how will you decorate yours?

Upload your brilliant upcycling makes to the project gallery and #Trimcraft on social media so we can see your inspired crafts!

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