DIY Inspiration with This Personalised Handmade Embellished Canvas

What you will need

A selection of Embellishments we used Santoro Mirabelle and Curiosity Corner
A Special Photo
White and Metallic paints
Blank 8x8 Canvas
Dovecraft Silicon Glue or Hot Glue Gun

 How to make

DIY Inspiration with This Personalised Handmade Embellished Canvas content image

Canvas Project Made by Cara Robinson

1.   Select where you want your photo to be on your canvas stick it down and cover with a sheet of paper to protect it from the glue and paint.

2.   Start arranging your embellishments on the canvas; we used lace ribbons, twine, metal buttons, paper flowers, wooden shapes, pegs, resin flowers and metal charms. The sky really is the limit when you come to choosing decorations, think what different textures would look nice once covered with paint.

3.   Once happy start gluing your embellishments down with a hot glue or silicon glue. You can also use your glue gun to add areas of texture to the canvas. Leave to dry.

4.   Start by painting the canvas all white, use thin layers of paint so you dont overload the canvas. Build up layers of your chosen colour palette to have darker and lighter areas. Leave to dry.

5. Finish by adding a few un painted pearls and gems to the canvas.

And there you have a beautiful personalised piece of wall art using all your favourite craft embellishments. We look forward to hearing what you will be gluing to your canvas. Don’t forget to share your projects with us in the gallery.

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