Say Hello to La De Dah...

“For all things worth remembering”

It's a future reference point for some great idea you will have down the track, or just a way to showcase the bits and pieces and memories that have made you smile along the way. We say it's time to the empty the keepsake drawer and put to paper all the things that inspire you in a meaningful way.

“Choose a journal to suit your purpose”

Stick it in and jot it down. There are no rules, no need to be neat or plan out that perfect page, just have fun and make it your own! Each journal holds 42 printed journaling pages and coordinating embellishments designed to make the process a snap!

Le De Dah Review

By Claire Brudenell, Marketing Executive

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I love the thought of scrapbooking but I don’t seem to have the time to spend making gorgeous 12x12 pages, Le De Dah lets me be creative and jot down all the important things in life without spending hours arranging layouts.

I sat down last week with my new Le De Dah journal and a nice cup of tea, to set about documenting a recent trip to Thailand. I had some great photos and all my trip tickets and didn’t want them to sit in a box for the foreseeable future.

Say Hello to La De Dah... content image

I love all the elements of the range, they are all so useful and come together to make projects look really stylish. My favourite product is the pen with the glue end; this has to be one of the most useful scrapbooking tools of all time, so quick and easy!

It was fun to sit and document all the memories from my trip and use the notelets to record details that might be forgotten. The Polaroid frames, paper clips, pockets and washi tape are all very cool and made my elements really stand out, while still complimenting the journal.

My Le De Dah journey journal is great for re-visiting happy travel memories and will be great for future trips.  I am looking forward to using the other journals in the collection for my baking & crafting inspirations. 

Now available instore and online at Hobbycraft

Say Hello to La De Dah... content image

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