5 Adhesive Top Tips

1.   Always ensure you use the correct type of adhesive on your crafting project, too much wet adhesive will make your card buckle and bend out of shape when it dries out.

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2.   Use good quality double sided tape and foam pads, some cheaper ones will come unstuck after a short while.

3.   Use a Hot Glue Gun for sticking heavier embellishments to your project, its strong and dries within seconds rather than having to wait for silicone to harden.

5 Adhesive Top Tips content image

4.   Use nail varnish remover to clean the sticky residue from your scissors, this will make it easier to cut neatly. 

5.   Remember to store your adhesives at room temperature, frozen glue will curdle and ruin, while warm foam squares will turn into a sticky mess

What  top adhesive tips do you have? share them with us by leaving a comment below

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