Crochet Mug Cosy Using Spiin Yarn

The chill of winter is not far away and this crisp cool air calls for all things cosy. We already shared how to make a cute chunk crochet headband to keep you warm, now let’s take care of your cuppa!

Keep your cuppa cosier for longer with this simple pattern below. This fabulous mug cosy perfect for yourself or as a gift for loved ones with festive season


You Will Need:

  • 10-20g Yarn For Mug (Depending On What Size It Is)
  • 10g For Contrasting Edges
  • Crochet Needle Size 4.5
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Tape Measure (You Can Use A Strip Of Yarn To Measure)
  • Mug

How To Make:


To begin your project, you must choose the mug you would like to make the warmer for. This pattern works for straight sided mugs as well as ones with a little shape as the yarn between top and bottom. Measure up!

Measure the circumference of the mug leaving a 5mm space from the handle either side and the height leaving about 2cms off the overall measurement. CH the circumference as measured, plus 2 for foundation CH.

Row One:

  • 1 TR in the 4th CH from the hook
  • 1 TR in every CH until the end of the chain, turn.

Row Two:

  • CH 3 (Counts as first ST)
  • 1 TR in every TR until the end of the row inserting hook from front to back under both looks of each ST.
  • At the end of row CH 3 and turn.


Following Rows:

  • Repeat this until you reach the measured height of your mug and cast off.
  • Thread the ends of the yarn back into the work by about 3dm and trim.

To Finish:

  • Choose a contrasting colour of yarn
  • DC all along the top of the work, when you get to the end place work around the mug and CH the number of STS it takes to join to the other side. Remember a snug fit is best.
  • Remove from mug.


  • SL to the top of the first stich and cast off.
  • Repeat this at the bottom of the work.

Stretch over the mug and enjoy a nice brew!


To read more about our fabulous new yarn brand Spiin, click here!

What do you think of this cute crochet mug cosy? Will you be giving it a go? If you do, we’d LOVE to see your creations over on the inspiration area and don’t forget to #trimcraft if you post on social media!

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