101 Card Making Ideas for Busting a Creative Block

Have you got card maker’s block?
Do you find yourself stuck with what to make next?
Are you standing in your craft room, staring at your supplies, with no inspiration to be found?

Trust us – we’ve been there! (Horrible isn’t it?)
To help you start crafting again, we’ve compiled a list of 101 techniques, starting points and ideas to kick start your creativity – including links to tutorials and inspiration from some of our favourite makers!

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Try a technique

Look at your stash through new eyes by trying out a new technique! This is a brilliant way to transform the look of your existing supplies by using them in a new way. Here’s 39 different tutorials with different techniques for you to have a go at…

1. Coloured pencils on dark cardstock - Tutorial by Kelly Latevola

2. Trapped colour heat emboss resist - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

3. Heat emboss on dark cardstock - Tutorial by Marianne Design

4. No-heat foiling - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

5. Stained glass window card - Tutorial by Jann Gray

6. Embossed watercolour lift - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

7. Stitching on cardstock - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

8. String art card - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

9. Dry embossing with stencils - Tutorial by Cathy Zielske

10. Heat embossed impressions with dies - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

11. Layered die cut words - Tutorial by Lost In Paper

12. No-line watercolouring - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

13. Inlaid patterned paper die cutting - Tutorial by Cathy Zielske

14. Embellished window technique (using a laminator) - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

15. Stamp with light pigment inks on dark cardstock - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

16. Faux metal etching on mirror cardstock - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

17. Stamp masking - Tutorial by Cathy Zielske

18. Dry embossed vellum - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

19. No frame shaker card - Tutorial by Olga Direktorenko

20. Die cut inlay - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

21. Watercolour masking with die cuts - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

22. No-line pencil colouring - Tutorial by Debby Hughes

23. Die-cut backgrounds using small dies - Tutorial by Yana Smakula

24. Stamping with coloured inks - Tutorial by Julie for Ellen Hutson

25. Coloured stacked sentiments - Tutorial by Carissa Wiley

26. Back a cut file - Tutorial by Paige Evans

27. Pop-up panel card - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

28. Add stitched details to stamping - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

29. Iron-off embossing and watercolour - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

30. Distress ink watercolour - Tutorial by Prairie Paper & Ink

31. Heat embossed die cutting - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

32. Die cut craft foam - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

33. Ink dragging - Tutorial by Yana Smakula

34. Make a DIY envelope - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

35. Glittered die cuts - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

36. Stencil emboss resist - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

37. Watercolour swiping - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

38. Make a background by repeating a small stamp - Tutorial by Kristina Werner

39. Stripe inlay - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

Experiment with a medium

Being in a creative rut is a great time to experiment with a medium and learn more about it! We love searching YouTube and Pinterest for new ways to use our mediums – whether we’re using them for backgrounds, colouring, or die cutting. See where your experiments take you…

40. Pan watercolours

41. Gouache

42. Tube watercolours

43. Watercolour brush pens (have you tried our Nova Watercolour Markers?)

44. Coloured pencils

45. Alcohol markers (check out our Nova Designer Markers for an affordable option!)

46. Gelly plate printing

47. Texture paste

48. Embossing paste

49. Ink blending

50. Embossing powder

51. Glitter

52. Liquid inks

53. Gel pens

54. Shimmer watercolour powders

55. Paint pens

56. Felt

57. Tulle

58. Ribbon

59. Washi tape

60. Metallic paints

61. Craft foam

62. Vellum

Use your stash

Missing inspiration? Time to turn to your stash and dig out all your lovely papers, stamps, dies and cardstock – and let your supplies inspire you! Here’s a few prompts to get you started…

63. Use a paper you’ve been hoarding

64. Use a stamp you’ve never tried before

65. Use a die you’ve never tried before

66. Pick a 6”x6” pad and keep making until it’s all gone

67. Make a card just from scraps - for some ideas, we recommend this video from Jennifer McGuire

68. Make a card all in one colour

69. Dig through your stash to find a supply you’d forgotten you owned - then use it!

Try a challenge

Remember – you’re not the only one who’s faced a creative block! There’s tons of amazing challenges, tips and ideas online… you just have to look!

70. Make a card using a sketch – ideal if you don’t want to think about a layout! We find ours on Pinterest

71. Use a holiday themed stamp or die for a non-holiday card - here's some ideas from Jennifer McGuire

72. Use a non-holiday themed stamp or die for a holiday card

73. See how many different ways you can use the same stamp - here's some ideas from Vicky Papaioannaou

74. See how many different ways you can use the same die - here's some ideas from Vicky Papaioannaou

75. Join in with a card challenge - here's a list to a whole bunch or join in with a card challenge on our forum!

Don't forget about our Trimcraft Craft Challenge that comes out every month on the 1st!

Try a new fold or card style

A standard 5x7 or 6x6 single fold card is a classic – but to shake things up, why not try a different size or design? Here’s a whole bunch of different card styles for you to try…

76. Gatefold card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

77. Easel card - Tutorial by Lindsay Weirich

78. Rocker card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

79. Stepper card - Tutorial by Ms Paperlover

80. Neverending card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

81. Trapeze card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

82. Impossible card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

83. Invisible impossible card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

84. Exploding card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

85. Bridge card - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

86. Split card - Tutorial by Jennifer McGuire

87. Rain shaker card - Tutorial by Marine Simon

88. Eclipse card - Tutorial by It's Me, JD

89. Pop-up box card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

90. Hidden surprise card - Tutorial by The Craft Blog

91. Shaker card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

92. Liquid-filled shaker card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

93. Wiper card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

94. Pocket card - Tutorial by Mixed Up Craft

And if all else fails…

95. Re-organise your space

96. Have a clearout

97. Use a colour palette generator – try Coolors or Color Mind or browse pre-made colour schemes from Canva here

98. Browse Pinterest – we love saving ideas to our boards for later! Check out our Pinterest here

99. Create a card in the style of your favourite designer

100. Look in Facebook groups for inspiration – we love CardmakingCard-Making UK and Card-Making USA

101. Re-create a card you made previously in a new way

We hope you found some inspiration in our bumper list of ideas!

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Brilliant post! There are enough ideas there to keep me going all winter.


Craft Label User

Thanks so much! Glad you found it helpful - found a few ideas to try of my own while collating this list!



Fantastic post here, and if we haven´t got any inspiration after these, then I´m afraid, it´s the will, that´s the problem ha ha, cause there´s so many amazing ideas here, that the next problem might be, which one to try first ha ha ha. Think it would be pretty cool to just start from one end and go all the way through to the last end, and just by reading all these steps, at least I came up with several more new ideas lead from these, so I´m sure anybody would get on using this, that´s for sure. Maybe you should start a library, where you can continue to add to it as people brings more ideas and tutorials up, so there would always be a place to go and look, if we suddenly get stucked?


Craft Label User

It would definitely keep you going a long time if you went one end to the other! You could also use a random number generator to pick a random prompt and just go with it, that would be super fun! An idea library sounds like a great idea...



I'd love to see more of these kind of posts, everyone loses their crafty mojo at some point so tips like these are just what you need to get you crafting again. Thanks for the ideas.


Craft Label User

You're so welcome! We'll definitely do more posts like this one! :)



Love this post - it really encourages me to try something new. Can't wait to get going, and please: more posts like this.


Craft Label User

Your wish is our command! Glad you loved it!