Meet the Blogger- Daisy Martin

It’s time to meet, Daisy who runs My Green Cow! Find out more about her inspiring, creative self and her life as a cool, craft blogger!


How long have you been a craft blogger?

I would say that the whole blogging/YouTube side of my crafty journey started in 2014. I started out on Instagram, then I started a YouTube channel and then my blog came along soon after!


What kind of posts will we find on your blog?

My blog contains primarily reviews & product shares, as I find that you can show things in much more detail with photos, than you can on a video. So there’s lots of stationery, planners and other crafty products. But I do also share journal spreads and other more creative projects I’ve been doing on there too!


What is the best thing about being a craft blogger?

One of my favourite things is being able to share my own creativity with hundreds of other people. I love being able to try things out and get almost instant feedback from the community. Also seeing what everyone else is doing, creates this almost infinite cycle of inspiration.


If you could design any craft product, what would it be?

I think I would have to choose either washi, or stickers. Those are the products I use the most on my projects, and probably the two things I have the most of in my craft stash!


What is your favourite Trimcraft Product and why?

I am loving all the decorative stickers from the Simply Creative collections! They are great quality stickers, but also so cheap to buy. I recently used quite a few on a journaling spread, I couldn’t get enough of them!


What is an average day like as a blogger?

I’ve found that I work best when I use a running to-do list, rather than choosing to do certain things on each day. Not only does day to day life (chasing my crazy puppy around the place as she tries eating anything and everything that falls onto the floor) usually change my plans, but new projects & events pop up every week. So it’s very much a ‘make it up as you go along’ kind of job. But that works pretty well for me.


What inspires you to be creative?

Other than the obvious ones like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, I've found that my surroundings massively affect how well I can be creative. So since moving, I’ve been working hard on making my creative space as inspirational as possible. Making sure I put things up on the walls, and having lots of colour about the place.


Which crafters inspire you?

I’ve absolutely LOVED @GeraldineJayne on Instagram (she also has a YouTube channel & blog), her post sharing all her art and experiments with watercolour has me itching to crack open my watercolours every time!

Another would be @Megjournals on Instagram, her Instagram feed in general is a little more toned down colour wise, but still super beautiful, and her photos always inspire me!


What three words best describe you?

Creative (kinda a given haha), kind, and a little bit weird (aren’t we all?)


If you had a million pounds how would you spend it?

Other than the obvious like buy a big house and have my dream craft room. I would love to buy somewhere to host creative escapes, somewhere people can come and stay for a weekend, bring their craft supplies, and just craft in the company of other creatives. Lot’s of Instagram worthy walls, and decor to trigger inspiration!


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?

I have never travelled outside of the UK! In the whole 23 years I’ve been on this planet, the furthest I’ve been is either Cornwall, or Lancashire. That will all be changing at the end of October though, when I travel to Brussels to attend Planner Con Europe!!


Definitely check out her fantastic Youtube and Instagram to see more of her fab content! 

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Hello Daisy look forward to seeing your projects and New ideas 💡



Hello, nice to 'meet' you Daisy, and find out more about your crafty adventures. I'm very impressed by your neat workspace and colour ordered washi tape collection! Angela