Angela Dodson’s Pumpkin Tea Light Holder Tutorial with Free Printable Template

If you’re not a fan of celebrating Halloween but LOVE the look and feel of the season, Angela Dodson is going to help you create a calming ambience in your home this autumn with this beautiful pumpkin tea light holder.


She’s made it really easy for you all by designing a template that will have you making an enchanting pumpkin quicker than Cinderella’s fairy Godmother could! (Well…nearly as quick!)

Download your Free Pumpkin Template Here

What you Need

Free Template

Dovecraft A4 Coloured Card, Twine, Candy Skull Stamp, A4 Kraft Card, Embossing Ink Stamp Pad, Light Brown Ink Pad

WOW! Gold Embossing Powder


How to Make

1. Download, print and cut the pieces out from the free template.


2. Following the printable, cut out the rectangular pieces onto Dovecraft orange A4 card, the leaves and smaller circle onto green card, the larger circles and the stalk shape out of Dovecraft Kraft card.


3. Stamp the Dovecraft Candy Skull stamp design randomly across your strips of orange card using Dovecraft Embossing Ink. Sprinkle the WOW! Gold Embossing Powder on top and heat set. Pierce a hole in the top of each strip and ink around the edges if desired with a Dovecraft light brown ink pad.


4. Take your widest orange strips (embossed side down) and glue the ends equally spaced around one of your largest kraft card circles, then attach the other 4 strips in the spaces between. Next, glue one of the largest circle kraft card circles in the middle of your strips and layer 3 kraft card rings on top with glue to hold the tea light in place.


5. Push a brad or split pin through one of the large orange strips from behind and then through each of the strips in turn working around the shape, leave one small strip unattached, this will be the ‘door’ of the holder. Glue the green circle card and large leaves to the top.


6. Glue the smaller leaves to the top of the pumpkin, cut strips of green card, twirl and glue to decorate the top. Pierce a hole in the small green circle and push the ‘legs’ of the brad through it, bend them to secure the top in place.


7. Hide the brad by adding your kraft card stalk to the top with glue. Thread a length of Dovecraft Twine through the hole on the door of your tea light holder. Pop a battery operated tea light inside the pumpkin, close the door and secure it by tying the twine in a bow.


Have you ever seen such a cute tea light holder? Angela also suggests that you could put sweets in a bag and pop it in to act as a little gift bag. *Cuteness overload!*


Only use a battery operated candle for this project.


How will you use Angela’s template and pumpkin design? We’d LOVE to see your versions so don’t forget to #trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.


If you’d like to see more of Angela’s gorgeous crafts, definitely check out her blog and social media pages!








Trimcraft design these templates to aid your crafting projects, so we are always happy to see them being used and enjoyed. However, we just ask you credit Angela Dodson and Trimcraft for the template design when you publish your crafty makes online and on social media

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Great project Angela.



Thank you :) Angela (pollypurplehorse)



Great Halloween 🎃 project Angela



Thank you so much :) Angela (pollypurplehoorse)