3D Haunted Halloween Houses Tutorial and Free Printable Template

These eerie 3D Haunted Houses will be a great activity for all the family to decorate this Halloween. With our exclusive free printable template, you can make a whole Halloween village housing ghouls, monsters and witches!

You Will Need:

  • First Edition 12” x 12” Textured Cardstock
  • First Edition Alphabet Die Set – Varsity
  • Dovecraft Glitter Glue – Purple and Dovecraft Vellum
  • Assorted Gems and Butcher’s Twine

Download Your Free Printable 3D Halloween Village Templates here

How To Make:

1.  Print the free printable template and cut out the houses. The template is to size so you will not need to amend the sizes. With the black and purple textured card, cut out the houses and score the paper where it is specified.

2.  With a craft knife, cut out the windows and the doors of your houses. We have then cut pieces of vellum to cover the inside of the windows; this will create a frosted look when they light up.


3.  Stick the sides and roof of your houses together using double sided tape. Don’t stick the base together as you will be adding a battery powered light inside the 3D houses later.

4.  We have then used the purple glitter glue to the houses to create a sparkly finish. The glitter glues are easy to use and will make a fun activity for your children to get creative and add their own designs to the 3D houses.


5.  Cut out the bunting templates and used the green, purple and green textured card to cut out 12 bunting flags. With a piece of textured black card, cut out the bat using the template  We have then stuck the bat and the bunting flags in alternating colours to a piece of butcher’s twine with double sided tape. Decorate your bunting by adding black gems to the some of the flags and add two clear small gems to the hanging bat to create eyes.

6.  We have then made decorations to create a scene for the 3D Halloween village by cutting and scoring two gravestones with grey textured cardstock. Die cut the word ‘RIP’ twice with the First Edition Alphabet die set and stick to the centre of the tombstones.

7.  With black textured cardstock, cut out the flying bats and the black cat using the template and add clear gems to creating piercing eyes.

8.  Cut a full moon with the pastel yellow textured card stock and add a flying bat to the bottom right of the cut out. Again, create eyes for your bat by adding two gems.

9.  Finally, add battery powered tea lights inside your 3D haunted houses and watch the lights flicker in the dark!halloween_village_6.jpg

We would love to see your scary versions of our 3D Haunted Houses, just upload them and share them to the inspiration area!

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