Meet & Greet You’re New Trimcraft Design Team Member

Meet & Greet You’re New Trimcraft Design Team Member content image

Hello Angela, Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Angela, but I've been using my crafty alter-ego (purplepollyhorse) for so long now that sometimes I get called Polly. I'm a mum of 2, my son Joshua is 9 and my daughter Ellie is 17. I love living in Hornsea near the seaside, the sea is just a short distance away and some nights I can hear the waves crashing. 

I have always crafted in some way or other and I suppose I started to really make cards properly about 20 years ago when I decided to turn my small pieces of cross stitch into greetings cards.  I had a full-time job dealing with accounts and paper crafting was my way of relaxing.  I am now in a position to craft every day and it's something that I never get tired of, there is always something new and inspiring to play with.

What was your favourite project ever crafted?

Some of my most favourite creations have happened quite by accident and I like an idea to just go wherever it wants to.  I don't really have a set style, I like to work with the product and see what it says to me, so you can often find clean and simple designs sitting alongside inking and stamping, and my current love of paper folding. 

What is your favourite Trimcraft product? 

I have a particular passion for good quality papers with pretty patterns, so I can often be found at my nearest craft store stroking the First Edition pads and trying not to draw attention to myself. So you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I am to be asked to join the team here at Trimcraft.

What is your top crafting tip? 

Always use good quality materials even down to the things you can't really see, like adhesives, nothing worse than having your prize creation slowly fall apart on a very sunny windowsill. (it happened to me once many years ago).  

What craft trends are you liking at the moment?

Paper folding techniques, electronic cutting, and patterns & textures, especially florals

If you were stuck on a desert island (luckily with electricity!) what craft essentials could you not be without?

Scissors, double sided tape and a pretty paper pad ( FE of course!!), you can make Always make something pretty with the basics.

(of course if I could smuggle it with me, I would take my little Cricut Mini but I'd need internet connection :D)

You can follow Angela on her Blog and she can also be found on facebook, twitter and pinterest too. We can’t wait to see Angela's lovely creations don’t forget to check out our other talented  Design team members projects too.  

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