New Craft trend! See How to Create Painted Rocks

This new craze totally rocks! It starts by finding rocks, taking them home to decorate, and then putting them back outdoors for others to find, spreading lots of happiness in the process!


Starting out as a trend in the US, painted rocks are now appearing everywhere! Popular among kids, this is the perfect crafty project to do as a family and will keep you occupied for hours - and all you need is a selection of smooth rocks or pebbles, paint, and a little bit of imagination.

Ideal for passing time on long days, start by taking your kids out on a long walk to select some rocks in a range of shapes and sizes, before heading home to get started on your designs.


Clean the rocks thoroughly, before drying them off and starting with a coat of white paint. Plan which designs you’re going to go for – maybe look at the shapes of the rocks for inspiration – before getting started with the coloured paint!

Once dry, you can get back outside to hide the rocks for someone else to find and hunt for others that may have been hidden in your area. This an ideal way to get children outdoors and can help to brighten someone’s day in the process!

We chose to decorate our rocks with a cute cactus, smiley sausage dog and an adorable avocado to name a few, but the possibilities are endless! You could try a flower design, rainbow design, ladybird design – or you could even give your rock a funny face!


We also decided to go one step further and add a bit of sparkle to our rocks by adding Simply Creative Adhesive Gems!

You can also add a layer of varnish to make them extra durable from the autumn weather but this is optional.


Facebook groups dedicated to rock painting are also being set up across the country in order to share rocks found within the community. Here users drop hints about where they’ve hidden the treasured rocks, which are then found by passers-by and posted on social media. The rocks can either be kept or left elsewhere for someone else to discover.

If you make these decorated rocks tag #trimcraft and #TCRocks on social media and don’t forget to share them in our Inspiration gallery.

Find out how easy it is to make these colourful rocks with our video tutorial.

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Ohh these are fun! We have a facebook page in my seaside town for people painting, hiding and finding these painted rocks, I've found a few whilst walking the dog, and my daughter has decorated few and hidden them too. It's such a fun activity and especially when you see children out looking for them and getting excited when they find them :)



Great peebel Art, I also love to do artwork on them, Every where I go I come home with shells and pebbles.