DIY Festive Felt Headband Tutorial

Nothing says that you’re excited for Christmas more than fun festive headgear! Using just Dovecraft Felt and some sparkly embellishments, this Christmas Tree headband is so easy to make and will complement your seasonal outfits perfectly.

You could wear these to your Christmas parties, family gatherings, or even on the day itself to spread some serious festive cheer!


Today, Maxine is going to take you step-by-step through this fun alternative to the Santa hat!

You Will Need

Dovecraft Felt

Simply Creative Gems

A Plain Headband

Sewing Needle, Green Thread

Polyester Filling

Dovecraft Perma-Fix Tape


1.Take the green felt and cut out four triangle shapes to make both the front and back of your two trees. Using the brown felt, cut out four rectangles. Place these inside the tree shape to form the front and back of the tree trunks.

festive_head_band_1.jpg2.Sew around the two sides of the triangles, add some of the polyester filling into the tree shapes and then sew the bottom of the triangle closed, securing the brown felt trunk in place.

festive_head_band_2.jpg3.Take the plain headband and add double-sided tape around the edge of it.

festive_head_band_3.jpg4.Cut strips of felt and wrap these around the headband to cover the tape. Secure the ends by stitching these.

festive_head_band_4.jpg5.Arrange the tree shapes in place on the headband. Then, wrap the brown felt trunk sections around the headband and stitch these at the back to secure them in place.


6.Adhere gems to the trees to complete your Christmas felt headband.


We also made this super fun reindeer headband using brown felt to make antlers, with added bells, holly and red glitter card for decoration!festive_head_band_9.jpg

Where will you be wearing your DIY Festive Headband? We would love to see so remember to upload them to the Inspiration Area and to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media.

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