DIY Annual Scrapbook Keepsake Folder Tutorial

Now that it’s coming to the end of another year, it is the perfect opportunity to round up your treasured memories from the year and store them somewhere safe (& super pretty!). We love this BEE-utiful Scrapbook Layout by Maxine, which ensures that your keepsakes remain super organised! Read on to find out how to make your own with the adorable Dovecraft Bee Happy collection.


This would make a fantastic gift for a loved one, you could start now and fill it full of memories from 2018, or collect your favourite memories of 2017 and gift it as a heartfelt Christmas present.


What you Need

Dovecraft Bee Happy Papers, Ribbon, Stamps, Photo Frame

A4 Cardstock, Twelve 5” x 7” Envelopes

Simply Creative Alphabet Stickers


How to Make

1. Cut a piece of cardstock 28cm x 19cm. Score this horizontally at intervals of 1.5cm, 2.5cm, 14.5cm and 16cm. Then, fold along the score lines.


2. Cut a piece of backing paper to fit the inside back piece of the folder and adhere.


3. Cut a piece of cardstock to 22cm x 9cm. Score at 1cm and 2cm on one of the long sides and both of the short sides. Cut the corners as shown.


4. Fold along the score lines and adhere the sides together to make a box shape. Add to the inside of the folder to form a pocket.


5. Cover the inside of the folder and the front of the pocket with a variety of the beautiful Bee Happy papers.


6. Adhere one of the complementing papers to the back of a Bee Happy photo frame and cut around the edges of the paper as shown. Wrap a length of ribbon around the front of the folder, with room to tie this at the top. Adhere the ribbon to the scrapbook with the frame to hold it in place. Add a rectangle of paper to the back of the album to cover the ribbon.


7. Attach the Simply Creative alphabet stickers to the frame to write the words “A Gift for You”.


8. Take twelve 5” x 7” envelopes and decorate the front of each with the papers and stamps. Stamp the months of the year to the front of each envelope.


Now you can fill the envelopes with memories from each month of the year!


This creative scrapbook design is the perfect way to store a variety of keepsakes. Why not use it to store photographs from each month, or tickets that you’ve collected throughout the year? 

We’d love to see your scrapbook layout using this template, so don’t forget to #trimcraft when sharing on social media and to share your makes in the Inspiration area.











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