Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make Origami Butterflies

Today, we are going to show you how easy it is to make this gorgeous origami home décor piece that will be sure to inject colour and creativity into your home.

What you Need

Simply Creative So Chic 6x6 Paper Pad, So Chic 12x12 Paper Pad, Gems

12 x 12 Frame

Bone Folder (not essential)

How to Make

1.  Begin by taking your chosen paper design from the Simply Creative So Chic 6x6 paper pad, and folding it in half, from left to right.

2.  Open your sheet back out with the design facing the desk. Fold the sheet in half again, this time folding from the bottom of the sheet to the top.

3.  Lie your sheet down on your surface, open with the design facing down. Turn the sheet 45° right so your paper looks like a diamond. Take the left corner and fold it to the right corner to create a triangle shape.

4.  Open your sheet again, turn it 90° to the left so that your sheet looks like a diamond again. Take the left point and fold it to the right point to create a triangle.

5.  Open your sheet again, with the design facing up. This is how your So Chic sheet should look.

6.  Make sure you can see a defined X in your sheet. You should with ease, be able to push the horizontal line on the left hand side, inwards. Repeat this on the right hand side to create this shape.

7.  Your sheet should now look like a triangle again.

8.  Take the bottom right corner and fold it to the top point, ensuring to only fold the top layer.

9.  Repeat this on the left hand side, your sheet should now look like this.

10.  Flip your triangle sheet over. Ensure the long, straight edge of the triangle is at the top. Take the bottom point of your triangle and pull it up, ensuring to only fold one layer, not two.

TIP: Ensure to extend this fold so that it’s long enough to fold over the straight edge

11.  To secure this fold, you will now need to fold the top point of the triangle over the straight edge. Ensure that the butterfly retains its’ shape.

12.  Finish this origami piece by pinching the back of this fold in the centre. Bend the wings to create the look of the butterfly.

13.  You can create different sized butterflies for your frame by cutting down your 6x6 sheet and repeating the steps above. Use different So Chic paper designs to add variation to your project.

14.  Adhere a 12x12 sheet of So Chic paper to the back of your frame with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.

15.  Add small strips of Dovecraft Perma Fix tape to the back of your butterflies and adhere them to your sheet. The look of your frame is in your crafty hands however, we have mixed the sizes of the butterflies to add interest.

TIP:  Make sure to spread the wings out before adhering your butterflies, to make sure they fit in your frame.

16.  Add a little sparkle to your frame by sticking down a selection of gems around your origami butterfly design.

17.  If the wings look flat, simply push the wings in to add dimension and definition.

The flurry of butterflies look wonderful on this frame and with so many paper designs on offer, you could make a variety of pretty looks.

We would love to see your origami makes in the project gallery, so remember to upload them and when uploading to social media, #trimcraft so we can have a peek!

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