Decoupage Tips & Tricks using Dovecraft’s Couture du Jour Collection


What you Need

Dovecraft Kraft 6x6 Card Blank

Couture du Jour Decoupage Pad

12 x 12 Paper Pack


Adhesive Pearls

Sentiment Stamp set

How to Make

1.  Cut a piece of spotty Couture du Jour paper down to 12.5cm x 17.5cm and then distress the edges.


2.  Cut two coordinating pieces of Couture du Jour paper down to 10cm x 15cm, distress the edges and adhere each to the spotty paper at a jaunty angle.


3.  Cut a length of ribbon, ensuring it’s long enough to fit vertically on your paper. Adhere the ends to the back of your layered sheets with Dovecraft Perma Fix Tape.

TIP:  Do not make the ribbon too tight when you adhere it, as you will need to  allow room for adding ribbon strips to it.


4.  Glue your layered sheets onto your Dovecraft Kraft 6x6 Card Blank.


5.  Take layer 1 from the mannequin sheet within your Dovecraft Couture du Jour decoupage pad. Mount the frame from layer two on top with 3D foam pads.

6.  Take the mannequin design from layer 2 and curve it around a pencil to add dimension.


7.  Repeat this technique with each of the mannequin decoupage pieces. Layer each mannequin section to each other, ensuring to adhere each piece with 3D foam pads, in the centre.

TIP: Stick two 3D foam pads together to gain extra depth between each layer.

8.   Stick your finished mannequin design to the centre of your decoupage frame with 3D foam pads.


9.  Adhere your complete decoupage image to the centre of your card design with Dovecraft Perma Fix Tape.


10.  Cut three small strips of Couture du Jour ribbon and tie them to the ribbon on your card, at the top.


11.  Take the Couture du Jour Clear Sentiment Stamp- Special Wishes, and stamp this on to a complementing sheet of Couture du Jour paper.


12.  Carefully cut out your sentiment and adhere it to the bottom left corner of your card design with 3D foam pads.


13.  Finish your card by sticking three Couture du Jour Adhesive Gems in a vertical line, in the top right corner of your design.


This pretty design will be wonderful for a variety of occasions!

You can make your decoupage pad last longer by splitting the decoupage layers between two crafts. You can create two different but beautiful looks using the same image- perfect!


Your decoupage image isn’t limited to just card making. Make a matching gift bag by sharing the layered images from one decoupage sheet between the two projects! Using the same decoupage scene makes a gorgeous duo and will really make a friend smile!


To create a textured feel on your decoupage project, complete the decoupage scene and distress the border before sticking it to your card. This will add a wonderful, vintage look to your craft.


If you need to make a card quickly, take one decoupage image from your pad and adhere it to the centre to of a layered card to create a topper- pretty and thrifty!


What other decoupage tips do you have? We would love to know so make sure to comment below!

We can’t wait to see your Couture du Jour crafts so remember to upload them to the Inspiration area and to #trimcraft when uploading to social media.


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