DIY Handmade Paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial

This is a great project to make while watching TV at night, sit and relax and make the paper curls you can even get the family roped in and it will be made it no time. 


You will Need

First Edition Jingle all the way 12 x 12 Paper pad

Polystyrene wreath approx 12.5cm  

Dovecraft 12mm Perma-fix tape


How to make

1.Cut some 2cm x 4cm strips from the 12 x 12 pad, you need a lot depending on wreath size, Maxine used approximately 3 sheets of 12 x 12 papers.


2.Roll the strips around a paper piercer or pencil, to curl.


3.Adhere to the wreath using Perma-fix tape; place them as close together as possible to hide the polystyrene wreath.

Top Tip: To save time when making the wreath, cut all of the strips at once, then curl all of the strips and adhere all at once.


4.To make the bow, cut a 3cm strip of paper from the 12x12 pad, fold in half cut the corner on each side of the fold to make two V’s when opened, Trim off the corners off the other end too. Adhere the ends to the center to make the bow shape, wrap the middle with a 1.5cm strip of contrasting paper. Cut another strip of 3cm paper, cut in half and cut a v in the end. Do the same to a 1.5cm strip; adhere to the back of the bow as the tails. Adhere to the wreath.


This wreath is a great statement Christmas ornament that you can tailor to your décor. We would love to see your version of this wreath in the inspiration area.


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