Step-by-Step 3D cards with Finding Paradise Collection

Learn how to make amazing 3D cube cards with our brand new Finding Paradise Collection. Angela Dobson will guide you through an inspiring step-by-step project, giving you some ideas on toppers, patterns and sentiments to use.


What you Need

Dovecraft Premium Finding Paradise Collection:

  1. 8x8 Paper Pack
  2. Character Toppers – DCTOP170
  3. Die Cut Shapes – DCTOP171
  4. Sentiment Toppers - DCTOP174


  1. White Card
  2. Acetate
  3. Adhesives

How to Make

1.  Cut white Card as follows:

29.5cm x 14cm (x 1 piece)

29.5cm x 7cm (x 2 pieces)

Score all 3 pieces at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm, 28cm

this will leave a small 1.5cm jointing tab


2.  Fold at the score lines and burnish to create cube shapes, angle the corners if desire for a neater finish. but don’t join them.


3. Working on insides of the 2 smaller strips, adhere 6.5cm squares of leaf pattern paper as shown.


4.  Turn both strips over and add 6.5cm squares of pattern paper as shown.


5.  Fold each strip into a cube and add adhesive tape and / or glue to the tab, press firmly to secure, to create 2 small cube shapes.


6.  Take the large piece and attach 6.5cm x 13.5 cm pieces of pink pattern paper to all 4 inside panels. Add a little paper to the jointing tab.


7.  Turn the large piece over and attach pattern papers to the outside panels as shown. 2 larger piece 6.5cm x 13.5cm and 2 smaller pieces 6.5cm square.


8.  Fold the decorated strip into a cube and add adhesive tape and / or glue to the tab, attach this tab on the inside, press firmly to secure, to create 1 larger cube shape.


9.  Add adhesive tape and / or glue to the undecorated panels of the 2 smaller cubes.


10.  Press down the larger cube shape as shown.


11.  Line up one of the smaller cubes and attach to the large cube panel on the left hand side as shown, being careful to line it up flush with the edges of the base.


12.  Attach the other cube in exactly the same way but to the right hand side, all edges should line up flush.


13.  Open out your card base and it should look like this.


14.  Punch or die cut small circles from white card approx 3.5cm dia. Score and fold a circle in half and decorate with pattern paper if desired for a neater finish.


15.  Apply adhesive to one half of the circle, before the score line and attach this to the left side inside corner , where the 2 small cubes meet. Line up score folded edge with card edge as shown.


16.  Apply adhesive to the half circle that is overhanging, position the tiger panel centrally over this tab, and press down firmly to attach. The tiger will now be secured but able to move when card is opened and closed.


17.  Create a circle attaching tab as before, but this time attach to the top of the large cube where the 2 front sides meet, attach to the left side as before. Apply adhesive to the half circle that is overhanging and add the parrot topper centrally, all as before.



18.  Create pop ups for the flamingo and floral die cut in the same way, using 3.5cm circles , folded in half and cover half circles with pink pattern paper. Attach flamingo to one and flowers to the other.


19.  Attach flamingo and flower pop ups to the top of the smaller cubes, the pink paper, position carefully at an angle so the card can still fold down.


20.  Cut 4 strips of acetate and attach 2 leaves and 2 lemon diecuts , one to the top of each strip.Trim acetate strips to desired height before arranging and adhering the strips into the inside top of the larger cube shape. Like a pop up box card.



21.  Add the sentiments as desired, I’ve used 4, adding a circular one to the front of each smaller cube and a banner one to the 2 top cube sections.


22.  Fold down card as shown to go into an envelope.


23.  Finished card - Open out to display as shown.


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Oh wow! This is amazing! Thank you for using my card fold! I can't believe how popular it's been! I really didnt realise back in Dec 2019, when I first came up the the fold whilst doing a Trimcraft Demo, that it would go on to be such a popular fold!!! It wasn't until I did the video tutorial for it in April 202 that it suddenly took off! It looks amazing using these Paradise papers!!! xxx



Fantastic Tutorial Thanks 🙋‍♀️👍👌