DIY Kids’ Reward Chart

Today, we’re showing you how to create a DIY Kids’ Reward chart using the fun Simply Creative papers. This is so easy to create and is perfect for parents and grandparents alike to help promote good behaviour.

Each square represents a day of the week, and with each child represented by their own peg, for each day they show good behaviour, they can climb a day on the chart. Once your child has climbed to the top of the chart, there’s a reward!

Keeping a reward chart is a great way of showing and recognising when your child does something right and gives them something to aim for. We’ve also created a free template for you to make creating this even easier, which you can download below!

Download your free printable here

Read on to find out how we created this DIY Reward Chart below…

You will Need

Simply Creative Happy Days 12” x 12” Pad,

Dovecraft Ribbon, Stamps and Card Stock,

Midi Pegs,

Free Printable,

Fiskars Punch


How to Make

1. Cut 7 12x12cm squares from the card stock, cover each one with the fun Happy Days papers.


2. Turn the pieces over and adhere the ribbon to the back, spacing the cards evenly. It is also a good idea to create a loop at what you’d like to be the top of the design here, using the ribbon, so that you can hang your finished chart later.


3. Cut 7 star shapes from the papers to fit on the centre of the cards. Adhere to each card using foam pads.


4. Adhere these to each card using foam squares.


5. Cut 7 smaller stars and stamp the days of the week on and adhere these to each square.


6. Back a strip of the Happy Days papers onto a piece of cardstock and cut out.

kids_reward_chart_6.jpg7. Adhere the strip of card onto one of your mini pegs, stamping the name of your child or grandchild onto it. Create as many of these pegs as you have children.


5. Print the free printable and cut out by hand or with a circle punch.


6. Adhere these circles to the centre of the larger stars.kids_reward_chart_9.jpg

You’ve now finished creating your own reward chart! Now all that’s left is to hang this up somewhere in your home…


Will you be creating your own reward chat? We’d love to see if you give this a go, so don’t forget to upload your versions to the Inspiration area and #Trimcraft when sharing to social media!

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What a fab idea I’ve three children but also this would work well in a classroom too.



Another super cool idea for minor kids, they always love all kinds of recognitions like this. And thanks sooo much for the free samples to make this, I love it.