DIY Succulent Cushion Cover with Free Printable Template

Download our free template to create this stunning, succulent cushion cover in this week's flashback! 

Succulents are all the rage at the moment, from spiky cacti to leafy home décor projects, this catchy trend is really informing us on how to decorate our gardens to our bedrooms!


Today, Maxine is going to show you how to use our free template to create this stunning cushion cover, subtly succulent yet still embracing this awesome, natural look! 


Download our Free Succulent Cushion Cover Template Here


What you Need

Free Printable Template

Dovecraft Felt

A Cushion Cover


Needle and Thread


How to Make

1. Print the free template and cut out your chosen sized pieces.


2. Draw around the free template on the felt and cut out. You will need about 12 to 15 pieces for each succulent, depending on how big you want yours to be.

Succulent_felt_cushion_2.jpg3. Take the first petal, fold the two sides in and stitch together. Wrap the next petal around the previous piece and stitch. Repeat moving around the succulent to build it up. TIP – Add petals in between the previous two. Look at the front of the succulent before sewing on the petals to make sure you are happy with the shape.


4. When you have made your succulents, place them on to the cushion cover to create a heart shape. Pin the succulents to the cushion cover.


5. Stitch the succulents into place from the inside of the cover.


Such a simple yet effective look! You could experiment with different colours and even add a sentiment in the centre of the heart, to create a new home gift!


How will you use our free succulent template? We would love to see so don’t forget to #trimcraft when sharing on social media and to upload your projects in the inspiration area!


Trimcraft design these templates to aid your crafting projects, so we are always happy to see them being used and enjoyed. However, we just ask you credit Trimcraft for the template design when you publish your crafty makes online and on social media.

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