SANTORO®’s Mirabelle Home Décor Noticeboard Tutorial

Find out below how easy it is to upcycle a photo frame into a stunning, noticeboard using the delicate illustrations found inside the SANTORO®’s Mirabelle Decoupage Pad. This classy, eye-catching project is fantastic for holding all of your important reminders.

What you Need

SANTORO®’s Mirabelle A4 Paper Pad, Paper Flowers, Ribbon, A4 Decoupage Pad

Dovecraft Wooden Pegs

First Edition Brush Set

A4 Wooden Frame

DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint- Smitten and Primitive 

How to Make

1. Within the SANTORO®’s Mirabelle A4 Decoupage pad, choose 3 of the large decoupage images and two of the small images to hang on your frame. 

2. Create each decoupage topper by using foam pads for each layer to add  dimension.

3. Find the decoupage image featuring the ‘With Love’ sentiment, and put it together with 3D foam pads. Mount this onto a spare piece from the decoupage pad. Layer the dragonfly and flower pieces by using 3D foam pads to add dimension.

4. Remove the glass and the back from your frame and place it to one side.

5. Using the nylon brush within the First Edition Brush Set, paint onto your frame a coat of the Deco Art Chalky Finish Paint- Smitten and allow to dry. Paint on a second coat to achieve full coverage. When this is dry, add a coat of the DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint-Primitive and allow to dry.

6. While you are waiting for the paint to dry on your frame, take the pearlescent starry sheet from the SANTORO®’s Mirabelle A4 Paper Pad.

TIP: If you have a smaller frame, cut your pearlescent sheet down to fit the size of your frame.

7. Cut two strips of SANTORO®’s Mirabelle Ribbon, ensuring it is long enough to fit across the piece of pearlescent paper. When you are happy with the placement, adhere the ribbon at the back of the paper with Dovecraft Perma Fix tape.

8. Before you put your sheet into your frame, lightly sand your frame to allow your original, painted colour to come through. This will also enable you  to achieve a vintage effect in minutes! Carefully place your pearlescent sheet in the frame and put the back of the frame in place by securing it with the metal tabs.

9. Use a selection of Dovecraft Wooden Pegs to attach the decoupage pieces to the ribbon. 

TIP - You can add foam pads to the back of the decoupage pieces, if you would like to make them more secure. 

10. Decorate a few of the decoupage scenes with a SANTORO®’s Mirabelle Paper Flowers to add interest.

The glitter decoupage designs will allow you to achieve a professional and premium finish on your crafty noticeboard! What SANTORO®’s Mirabelle products will you use to decorate your notice board? We would love to see, so make sure to upload your lovely crafts to the project gallery and when uploading to social media, to #Trimcraft & @SantoroLondon so we can have a look! 

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