DIY Home Décor Simply Creative Wall Art Tutorial

We can’t get enough of the beautiful designs printed on the Simply Creative decoupage papers and today we show you how simple it is to upcycle a frame  alongside the effective, Alphabet Stickers.

DIY Home Décor Simply Creative Wall Art Tutorial content image

What you Need

Light Wooden Photo Frame

Simply Creative Decoupage Papers- Multi Feathers, Vibrant Birds, Alphabet Stickers- Cork

First Edition Deco Maché Brush Set, Deco Maché Gloss Adhesive and Varnish

TIP: You will need a light coloured frame for this tutorial. If you have a dark coloured frame, we suggest painting it with a layer of Deco Art Americana Décor Chalky Finish, Lace. The light colour will ensure that your decoupage paper will stand out.

How to Make

1.Before you begin, take your glass out so that it doesn’t get damaged. Tear small squares of the Simply Creative Multi Feathers paper and begin to apply your squares carefully to your frame with the First Edition Deco Mache Gloss Adhesive and Varnish.

2.In your First Edition brush set, you will have two brushes. Use the firm hog hair brush to apply the squares of Deco Mache paper to your surface, the firm bristles will help you get a flat finish with your papers. Use the soft, nylon brush to achieve a smooth and varnished look on your photo frame.

3.Continue to layer your decoupage paper squares until your photo frame is covered, once finished leave to dry.

4.Take the sheet with outlined birds from the Simply Creative Decoupage paper Vibrant Bird pack. Cut it down to size to fit the inside of your frame and place the glass back into the frame.

5.Using the Simply Creative Cork Alphabet Stickers, begin adhering your ‘Fly like a bird’ sentiment to the centre of your frame, ensuring that each word is on a separate line. 

Now you have your very own, inspirational photo frame with a little help from the Simply Creative range. Next time you consider doing a spring clean, hold onto items like these, you never know where they could come in handy!

DIY Home Décor Simply Creative Wall Art Tutorial content image

We’ve loved seeing your upcycling projects so keep them coming! Remember to upload your fab crafts to the project gallery and to #trimcraft on social media so we can see.

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