Meet the Team – Marketing & Licensing Manager, Claire

Meet the Team – Marketing & Licensing Manager, Claire content image

One of Claire's many crafty creations...

How long have you been at Trimcraft?

I have recently reached my 3 year anniversary, it’s gone fast and a lot has changed in that time but I have enjoyed every minute.

What is your job role within the company?

My official title is Marketing and Licensing Manager but for this I wear quite a few hats. On the Marketing side I head up a team of 4 and we look after the websites, magazine coverage, copywriting, trade events, social media as well as working to support our retailers. With licensing I have the fab job of trend research and developing collection artwork with our new and existing designers, I’ll then work closely with the design team to create product listings, checking artwork and ensuring samples are up to our high standards. I'm lucky I get to see the whole production process from start to finish.

What is an average day like at Trimcraft?

No day has ever been the same, which is great! Usually it starts with a cup of (decaf) tea and a review of emails and social media to see all the great things you have been making and sharing. Then the days consists of article planning with the team to make sure we are bringing you inspirational craft projects, working on new collections, liaising with media partners, Meetings with other departments, and lets not forget the dreaded admin side! But the best bit is when we get to test out (play with) new products.

What’s the best thing about working for Trimcraft?

Working in a job where you have a passion for the industry is great, but I also love when people email or write in to tell us how much they love the products, it makes us proud to know we are doing something right. 

Meet the Team – Marketing & Licensing Manager, Claire content image

Claire's craft attic with crafting assistant Chloe

Whats your proudest achievement at Trimcraft?

This would have to be winning the Nottingham Small Business of the Year award, we came runners up the year before so it go back and win it was a great achievement, you could see from our application how far we had come in a year.

What's in store for Trimcraft in the future?

Wow, so many exciting projects that we will share with you soon, we want to make Trimcraft the go to brand for all areas of crafting, from papercraft to baking we love crafts and want to develop into a multi-craft company!

What is your favourite Trimcraft product, why?

I love the First Edition papers with on trend designs and the cool paper effects. My favourite currently has to be Kaleidoscope, its really different and unique. When we first suggested it our CEO thought we were mad, but I knew it would be popular.

What's the best creative advise you have been given?

Never throw anything away, I've stuck to that and you should see my craft attic its full of product and half finished projects! I love up cycling old treasures and making something new for our home, I'm a little bit obsessed with DecoArt Chalky Paint its my go-to product for up-cycling.

What inspires you to craft?

I love how the use of social media has made crafting accessible to us all. Sites like Pinterest, Craft Gawker and a Beautiful Mess have so many inspirational ideas you can't help but want to be crafty and make stuff.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Gardening, Cooking & Crafting basically anything that involves creating! I also love spending time with my dogs Chloe & Millie.

Meet the Team – Marketing & Licensing Manager, Claire content image

Millie looking for seconds....

What 3 words would best describe you?

Witty, Outgoing and Crafty but I'm not sure my colleagues would agree on the witty comment, they alway say I'm the only one who laughs at my jokes.

If you had a million pounds how would you spend it?

I would definitely start with a big party for my family and friends followed by some travel, before investing it wisely (probably in dresses!).

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?

I played women's basketball for 5 years but these days I much prefer the calming effects of Yoga.

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