Kids' Craft Roundup - 20 Ideas To Keep Kids Busy

With the news that all UK schools are to close for the forseeable future by the end of this week, we're sure there are many parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents tearing their hair out right now! How will we keep all these kiddos entertained - especially when some of us have to work from home, too?!

Well we're doing what we can to help - we've pulled together some of our favourite kid-friendly craft ideas in this post to keep them occupied. We hope they help you get a minute or two of peace!

1. DIY Paper Wall Art

Recycle a cardboard box and make this cool paper wall art - easy to customise and will keep kids entertained for hours!

2. Easy Pinata Card Tutorial + Free Template

Kids will love this colourful pinata - and it's super easy to make, too! Why not recycle some colourful paper scraps you have at home? Learn how to make here

3. DIY Shaker Tambourine - Tutorial Video

If you've got budding musicians, maybe this DIY Shaker Tambourine would keep them busy? Please note we are not responsible for any headaches, though!

4. DIY Kids Reward Chart

There's so many ways to use this chart - it could encourage kids to keep on top of chores, school work, or good behaviour! Get them involved in making it, and they'll be even more proud to use it! Learn how to make it

5. How To Make A Felt Solar System - Tutorial Video

A great craft to teach kids about the planets in the solar system - but still fun for kids to make! Why not display it in their bedroom when you're done?

6. DIY Felt Bunny Embroidery Hoop

Much simpler than embroidery, this fun felt hoop idea is great for kids to try! We've included templates for our design, but you could definitely switch it up with your own designs too. Learn how to make here

7. Pom Pom Panda Card

If you have pom pom supplies, you can make this fun panda card! Why not send it to a family member you won't be able to visit for a while, and brighten their day?

8. DIY Fun Foam Food Tutorial + Free Templates

A pack of bright coloured craft foam can turn into hours of fun - why not suggest making all their favourite foods? We've included some templates to get you started! Learn how to make them here

9. DIY Fun Face Frame - Tutorial Video

This make is hours of fun - kids can design fun characters, or draw portraits of their friends, then wipe clean and start again!

10. Foam Doughnut Photo Frame Tutorial

Make a bunch of these little guys and your kids can display all their favourite photos inside - they're easy to make and super simple to customise, too! Learn how to make

11. Rock Painting Tutorial Video

You likely have all the supplies for this at home already! A great excuse to get out into the garden and hunt for some rocks to paint...

12. Easter Egg Pops Recipe

Cook up a tasty treat - these easter egg pops are based on a classic rice krispie treat, sure to be a hit with the kids! Get the recipe

13. DIY Light Up Silhouette Jar Tutorial


Great for an indoor campout, building a fort, or just for decoration - kids will love to make these light up jars! Why not recycle a jar or two from the kitchen when you're finished with it? Learn how to make here

14. Origami Dress Video Tutorial

Any time's a great time to take up the classic craft of origami - get stuck in with our cute origami dress, ideal for card toppers or just decoration!

15. Dragon Egg Money Box Tutorial

There's some drying time involved with this one, but at least it'll keep the kids entertained for a few days! Learn how to make it

16. Cute Cactus Cake Toppers Tutorial

Make a baking session last a little longer by creating your own cute cake toppers - then why not have a private party at home just for fun?!

17. DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow


This no-sew tutorial is fun for kids who are losing their baby teeth - but don't leave them alone with the superglue... You could also use fabric glue or PVA for this project instead! Learn how to make here

18. Create Your Own Easter Wreath

Easter's coming up so why not create some fun spring decorations? If you have a polystyrene wreath leftover from Christmas, this is a great project you can adapt to the supplies you have on hand! Learn how to make here

19. DIY No Sew Unicorn Headband Tutorial

Dressing up is always a fun activity - why not create these DIY Unicorn Headbands? All you need is felt, glitter glue, stuffing and a headband! Learn how to make

20. Homemade Pop Tarts

Spice up breakfast and make these homemade pop tarts - maybe even BETTER than the real thing?! Get the recipe


We hope these ideas give you a minute or two of peace! If you have any more ideas to keep children occupied, feel free to share them in the comments!

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