Create Your Own Easter Wreath - with Free Template

After this cold spell that many of us have been facing over the past few weeks, we think that it’s time for some spring colours, flowers and all things Easter! It’s never too early to get started on your Easter décor, and we’ve got this wonderful wreath tutorial for you today which shows you that getting your home ready for this season is easier than you might think!

Using pretty pastel ribbons and felt to create beautiful spring flowers, we’ve adorned our wreath with an adorable Easter bunny. This would look wonderful on your door for Easter, or you can hang it in your home for a pop of colour!


Maxine is going to take you step-by-step through this make and we’ve created a free template for you to download to help you to create this adorable wreath.

You will Need

Dovecraft Ribbons, Felt

Polystyrene Wreath

White Wool

Pom Pom Maker

Embroidery Thread

Free Template


Download your free template here

How to Make

1. Cut strips of ribbon to fit around your wreath.


2. Adhere the ribbons to the wreath overlapping them as you go around to avoid leaving any gaps.


3. Using the free template, cut out the bunny shape twice to form the front and back.


4. With a pom pom maker, create a pom pom from white wool to use as the rabbits tail. You can make this as fluffy as you like by adding more layers of wool. 

5. Stitch the pom pom to the bottom of one of the rabbit shapes.


6. Place the rabbits together and stitch around the edge, using a blanket stitch. Leave a gap at the top so that you can add the stuffing in the next step.

7. Fill the rabbit with toy stuffing and then finish stitching around the edges. Try not to overfill the rabbit with stuffing.


8. Cut some strips of felt approximately 3.5cms wide. Fold in half, cut slits along the folded edge. Spiral around and adhere the ends.  


9. Cut a variety of leaf shapes from felt.

10. Adhere the rabbit to the wreath and then arrange the flowers and leaves around the rabbit. Your wreath is now complete.


We used pins to add the flowers and rabbit to the wreath so that they can be removed and changed if you wanted to swap around the décor in any way.


Will you be creating our Easter wreath? We’d love to see, so don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.

Trimcraft design these templates to aid your crafting projects, so we are always happy to see them being used and enjoyed. However, we just ask you credit Trimcraft for the template design when you publish your crafty makes online and on social media.


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