3 Ways With… Lollipop Sticks - Craft Tutorial

Wooden lolly sticks are a cheap craft item to buy and what’s great is that they can be used in so many different ways. For today’s 3 Ways With… feature, we’re going to be showing you some great craft ideas with lollypop sticks.

First of all, Maxine is going to be showing you how to create an adorable frame using First Edition washi tape – two versatile craft materials coming together to make something that you can display wherever you like! We’ve also got some other fun craft ideas below, so read on to find out how to create these!


You will Need:

- 9 Plain Wood Lolly Sticks

- First Edition Love Washi Tape

- Dovecraft Card Stock

- Adhesives

- Twine or Ribbon

How to Make:

1.Cover 4 of your lolly sticks with your choice of washi tape. We chose the First Edition Love washi tapes with their lovely colours and messages! Trim around the edges of the tape to the shape of your lolly sticks.


2. Adhere three uncovered lolly sticks together and fix a square of cardstock to the back of them to stop your photograph from falling out the back of the frame. Align this with the square you created with the covered lolly sticks and adhere in the bottom two corners only. You now have the back of your frame.


3. Fold a 2cm x 5cm piece of cardstock and adhere in between the two bottom lolly sticks to act as a stopper to prevent your photograph from falling out.

4. Add twine to the top of your frame in order to hang it.


5. Add your photograph by sliding it in the top of the frame!

How cute is this little frame?! What a great way to use your washi tapes.


Deco Mache works so well with lolly sticks and this is the perfect little DIY project to add a little bit of fun to your desk! We added Deco Mache to a number of lolly sticks and then layered them together to make a miniature crate! This works so well as a cute plant stand.


We also created a bookmark using a selection of our favourite First Edition dies! We took the Tropical die set and cut them out of a variety of bright colours, then adhered them to the end of a lollypop stick. Perfect for keeping your place in your favourite book!

Which is your favourite lollypop stick craft? Will you be creating your own frame, bookmark or plant stand? We’d love to see if you do, so don’t forget to #Trimcraft when uploading to social media and to share your projects in the Inspiration area.

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These are some cute ideas for the kids to do themself, if we can just find a store, that actually sell the lollipop sticks around here, as I´ve never seen them, but guess we better go and ask around, cause this is pretty cool, and I can think of a few more ideas, nopw that I see this too.



We're so glad that you liked this article! I believe that you can find lolly sticks online, perhaps try amazon? We'd love to hear your ideas for lolly sticks or see what you create over on the inspiration area! :)